pypi packages with the best (and worst) names!

Who doesn’t like a pointless opinionated ranked list they can argue with? Heck I couldn’t agree with myself where to put some of these. Let’s get started:

The Best Named Models

5. dictdiffer

If Star Wars movies were still being made, Leah would probably now say “You stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking dictdiffer!”

4. pydantic

When I have a runtime error due to a bad type going where it shouldn’t with this package, I yell at my computer to “stop being so pedantic!” Which I have to imagine is where this brilliant name came from.

The other half of the time I yell “You’re duck typed, quack damn you!” and that just doesn’t work as well for a pypi name.

3. click

It’s a catchy name, and directly contracts what you actually do with the package. You build command line interfaces with it. That you type into. With your keyboard. No clicking required. It’s hilarious! Totally Monty Python level.

2. fuzzywuzzy

I still remember my mom rubbing my head singing “fuzzy wuzzy” over thirty years ago. It gives me a fuzzy warm feeling in the heart.

1. zeep

Say it out loud with me. “zeep”. Now again, slower. “zeeeeeeep”. Now fast! “zeep”. You can’t help but giggle saying it. Perfect.

The Worstest-sir-shire-est Named Models

1. pandas

Where are my oreo cream teddy bears? All I see are numbers!

2. grpc-google-iam-v1 (version 0.12.6)

When you can’t be bothered to follow semantic versioning but you use it anyways and fail.

Is it version 1, version 12 or 0.12, is the service api v1 and python package v 0.12? Is it stable or not? Who knows! Not the author, that’s apparent.

Dishonorable mentions also go to boto3 (v1.26.64) and Jinja2 (v3.1)

3. pyqt

It could have been “qtpy” aka “cutie pie”, and been amazing. But instead, they live for uninspired commercialism. Shame. (thankfully someone else took up that name!)

4. celery

celery is supposed to be good for you, at least when eaten. With Python, uh, well, good luck is all I’ll say.


The Natural Language Toolkit uses an acronym. A broken acronym. They could have at least pretended and called it “… Tool Kit” or something.

Which others ones do you think deserve to be on this list?