CodeCalamity is designed to be a collaborative site for code professionals to share their knowledge. There is no hard schedule for releases, simply a push for something at least every other week.

There are a few simple rules that we follow for your benefit:

  • No ads
  • No auto-play audio or video
  • No swearing, adult topics or NSFW posts

Other than that, you may see anything coding related.

We are looking for people interested in becoming members, learn more about our contributors or how to become one here.


What is the license on the code you provided?

All provided code  is MIT licensed unless explicitly stated otherwise, so feel free to copy and reuse! The tutorials, videos, media, and everything else are copyrighted to the contributor who provided them to CodeCalamity.

No ads on your site, how will you make money?

We do accept donations and may run non-obtrusive affiliate programs, i.e. a book review might link to a page where you can buy it, but overall CodeCalamity is not designed to make a profit. All collaborates do it out of the goodness of their hearts (and desire to prove others wrong, of course). Any money generated will go directly into hosting related costs.