1. Jan Vecek

    Many thanks … I now uninstaled CAM and your project si simple and very usedful. Build 1.2.0.dev1 work fine for me.

    Please is there any option how set my pump to 40%? I know minimum in CAM is 60%.

  2. Jan Vecek


    is there any option on my own risk set pump speed to 40%? I have x62 3th gen. 60% is in my case 1920 rpm.

    Thank you

  3. 2moreuser

    Thanks a ton my dude. Easy to follow. Works great for contolling the RGBs on the ‘Smart’ device. Anything is better than CAM.

  4. Lyuben Kuzmanov

    Thanks a lot for this! I followed a guide and I’ve set a fixed pump speed and a 4 interval curve for the fan. I’m seeing quite a bit of variation, though. The pump speed, as reported by HWInfo 6.04, is 2060 rpm one moment and 2180 rpm the next (min. 2052, max. 2348 over about 10 minutes) . The fan speed varies less, but for a fixed fan speed a variation between 720-785 (min. 722, max. 778 over the same period). For comparison, over the same period the fans of the other AIO in my system have varied by a single rpm and the pump has a range of 8 rpm.

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